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The Waskesiu Foundation is excited to announce they have launched a $150,000 fundraising campaign with their project partners at the Waskesiu Recreation Association: Phase 3 of Waskesiu Recreation Area Renewal.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM PARKS CANADA: Temporary Watercraft Management Measures for Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park

2024 is Election Year for the Waskesiu Community Council. The Waskesiu Community Council has an important advisory role to play in relation to Parks Canada Agency as the recognized voice of the Waskesiu community. There is a seven-member Council and elections are held every three years in respect of all seven Council members - and 2024 is an election year.

Please consider running for a seat on Council and please remember to vote. 
Click here to access the 2024 Election Package.

You can make a positive impact for Waskesiu - be a volunteer! One of the items identified in the Waskesiu “Vision 2028” Action Plan was the creation of a Volunteer Database for the Waskesiu community.  Signing up is simple, and yet important. Even if you have been a long-time volunteer in Waskesiu, please complete this online form so that we have the most up to date information. Feel free to invite friends, relatives, or annual visitors to Waskesiu to sign up! Our community thrives on a variety of activities and events, and we can't be successful without volunteers. CLICK HERE for the Volunteer Sign Up Form.               

Planning your camping trip this year to Prince Albert National Park? You can visit the Parks Canada Reservation Service to pre-book a campsite as soon as Friday, February 2, 2024 at 8:00 am CT. (Beaver Glen and Red Deer Campgrounds only).

Creating a safe and enjoyable community is a shared responsibility. Parks Canada is introducing several New Protocols and Strategies in summer 2023 that impact residents and commercial operators in Waskesiu.

Parcel X -  “Keep the Rubber Off the Road

Waskesiu Community Council and Waskesiu Seasonal Residents Association  Joint Communication on: (1) Water & Sewer Infrastructure, and (2) Cabin Area - Bringing Legal Non-Conforming Decks into Compliance.


For Immediate Release

Wednesday November 8, 2023 - Enjoy the changing seasons at Prince Albert National Park!

DOWNLOAD the 2024 PANP Summer Activity Guide and Trail Map HERE!


An Important Message to Waskesiu Residents from Parks Canada:  

To everyone who has their civic address posted prominently on the front of their cottage, cabin, home, or business, we sincerely thank you! If you have not done so yet, please immediately post the numbers in a highly visible location of your property that faces toward the street. This will greatly assist emergency responders in the event they need to find you quickly.  Google maps does not always accurately locate your property on a map!

Information Bulletin regarding the Boundary Bog Trail revitalization project and temporary closure of this popular trail in Prince Albert National Park.

There is a new Waste Management webpage on the Prince Albert National Park website. The webpage has some helpful details on yard waste, small construction waste, and reporting illegal dumping for residents and visitors to Waskesiu and the Prince Albert National Park.

Information Bulletin - Wildfire Readiness in Prince Albert National Park

Check out the Plains Bison in Prince Albert National Park!

Canadian Lakes Loon Survey. 

Volunteer and help monitor the loon population of Prince Albert National Park’s lakes.





CLICK HERE for the PANP 2024 Cabin Yard Waste Pick-up Schedule.


A message from Parks Canada – Annual Fall Water Disconnection Instructions in Waskesiu Cabin Area. Cabin and cottage owners and commercial operators are all responsible for disconnecting their property from the main water system according to the Fall Water Service Shut Down Directive. Make this a part of your end-of-season routine. To assist Cabin owners (Bluebird to Pelican), please watch this INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO made in collaboration with the Waskesiu Seasonal Residents Association. Simply follow the steps in the video, close the wooden box once finished, and help prevent damage in the winter! For questions related to water services, please contact


Parks Canada Agency - Prince Albert National Park Letter of Response to the Waskesiu Community Council regarding the question about cottage leaseholders connecting to deep water and sewer infrastructure in Waskesiu.

CLICK HERE for details of PCA's 2022 Water Quality Report for Waskesiu.

CLICK HERE to read the latest update on the water quality in Waskesiu.

CLICK HERE to view PCA Fall Water Service Shut Down Directive for Waskesiu Residents.

CLICK HERE to view Parks Canada Brochure for residents and visitors on Managing Waste in Waskesiu.

Waskesiu Townsite Yard Waste Directive REVISED - May 1, 2021

Protect your summer residence as you would your year-round home – install a backflow preventer valve!

The buoyed swim area at Paignton Beach was moved to reduce the potential for injury caused by having swimmers and boaters in the same area. With so many people enjoying Paignton Beach, especially around the point, and the increasing size and number of boats in the area, the decision was made to centralize the swim area and provide boat parking on either side. CLICK HERE for a map with the details.

Parks Canada takes Wildfire preparation seriously and measures are underway to reduce the risk from potential wildfires to Waskesiu and neighboring communities.
A strong risk reduction plan is key to ensuring public safety, enhancing visitor experience and protecting resources.

Urban Forest Renewal in Waskesiu

CLICK HERE for the Fact Sheets for the annual Waskesiu Community Fuel Break prescribed fire (40 ha) and the Amyot Trail prescribed fire on the west side of the park (1,340 ha).

Prince Albert National Park Infrastructure Update.


Visitors and residents are advised that #1 plastic items and plastic grocery bags are accepted for recycling in Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park. Please place such items (clean and rinsed) in the designated bins located throughout the townsite. Residents are asked NOT to place any face masks or rubber/latex gloves in the recycling bins. These items are a health hazard for waste management workers and potentially contaminate large volumes of recyclable material. 

Important information and links for residents and contractors

The new “Roll Off” construction waste bin is now available for Waskesiu cabin and cottage owners to dispose of small amounts of construction materials. 
CLICK HERE for full details on hours of operation and what can and cannot be disposed of in the bin.


For information on the latest public health measures, or to see the Public Health Order, visit




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