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DOWNLOAD the 2021/2022 PANP Winter Activities Guide HERE!


Parks Canada invites visitors to harvest a Christmas tree from the Waskesiu Community Fuel Break (CFB) from December 1 to December 23!

Congratulaions to the Waskesiu Lobstick Golf Course! CLICK HERE for details.

Grit McCreath,  former board member of the Waskesiu Foundation and a very active member of the Waskesiu community has been re-appointed as Chancellor of the University of Saskatchean.


Congratulations to the Waskesiu Heritage Museum, winner of the Lt. Governor of Saskatchewan Heritage Award in the Public Outreach category for their Heritage Moments project (


The Waskesiu Volunteer Fire Department is offering merchandise via its Facebook page as a way of fundraising in this time of COVID-19. Profits from sales will directly help purchase items for the Waskesiu firehall and for the Firefighter Association. CLICK HERE and feel free to spend money!

For sale Twin Pine Cinemas and Pine and Fancy - One of a Kind Business Opportunity for Sale in Waskesiu.


Waskesiu Update November 23, 2021 - Parks Canada invites visitors to harvest a Christmas tree from the Waskesiu Community Fuel Break (CFB) from December 1
to December 23!


Information Bulletin - Wildfire Readiness in Prince Albert National Park

Get out into Prince Albert National Park for a hike or bike on a trail after using Google Street View to plan your trip!

Check out the Plains Bison in Prince Albert National Park!


The 2021 Prince Albert National Park Activity Guide is now out! 

DOWNLOAD the 2021 PANP Activity Guide and Trail Map HERE!

Canadian Lakes Loon Survey. 

Volunteer and help monitor the loon population of Prince Albert National Park’s lakes.






CLICK HERE to view PCA Fall Water Service Shut Down Directive for Waskesiu Residents.

CLICK HERE to view Parks Canada Brochure for residents and visitors on Managing Waste in Waskesiu.

Waskesiu Townsite Yard Waste Directive REVISED - May 1, 2021

CLICK HERE for the PANP 2021 Cabin Yard Waste Pick-up Schedule.

Protect your summer residence as you would your year-round home – install a backflow preventer valve!

The buoyed swim area at Paignton Beach was moved to reduce the potential for injury caused by having swimmers and boaters in the same area. With so many people enjoying Paignton Beach, especially around the point, and the increasing size and number of boats in the area, the decision was made to centralize the swim area and provide boat parking on either side. CLICK HERE for a map with the details.

Parks Canada 2021 Services and Facility Operation list is available HERE! 

Parks Canada takes Wildfire preparation seriously and measures are underway to reduce the risk from potential wildfires to Waskesiu and neighboring communities.
A strong risk reduction plan is key to ensure public safety, enhance visitor experience and protect resources.

Urban Forest Renewal in Waskesiu

CLICK HERE for details of PCA's 2020 Water Quality Report for Waskesiu.

CLICK HERE to read all about the water quality in Waskesiu.

CLICK HERE for the Fact Sheets for the annual Waskesiu Community Fuel Break prescribed fire (40 ha) and the Amyot Trail prescribed fire on the west side of the park (1,340 ha).

Prince Albert National Park Infrastructure Update.


Visitors and residents are advised that #1 plastic items and plastic grocery bags are accepted for recycling in Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park. Please place such items (clean and rinsed) in the designated bins located throughout the townsite. Residents are asked NOT to place any face masks or rubber/latex gloves in the recycling bins. These items are a health hazard for waste management workers and potentially contaminate large volumes of recyclable material. 

Important information and links for residents and contractors

The new “Roll Off” construction waste bin is now available for Waskesiu cabin and cottage owners to dispose of small amounts of construction materials.CLICK HERE for full details on hours of operation and what can and cannot be disposed of in the bin.


Getting Vaccinated Can Get Us Back Together. Faster.The Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce has joined with the Saskatchewan Chamber and the Canadian Chamber in participating in a nation-wide group effort to promote vaccine acceptance called Faster Together.  We encourage all members of the Waskesiu Community to do their part and STICK IT TO COVID and bring Saskatchewan to the next step on the Saskatchewan Re-Open Plan.  CLICK HERE for the list of pop-up vaccine clinic locations in Saskatchewan.

For information on the latest public health measures, or to see the Public Health Order, visit



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