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The 2021 Prince Albert National Park Activities Guide is now out! 

DOWNLOAD the PANP Winter Activities Guide HERE!

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Camping oasis
With over 500 campsites in the park, there are lots to choose from! Enjoy all the amenities in the Red Deer Campground and Beaver Glen, located in the Waskesiu townsite. Please note: Parks Canada 2021 Reservations Service for booking camping spots by phone or on-line in the Red Deer Trailer Park and Beaver Glen Campground will launch in April NOT January as in the past. This will give more time to consider the latest COVID-19 measures. It may also help reduce the need for cancellations. Upcoming visits will be different than in past years, due to the ongoing pandemic. Plan ahead using the camping during COVID-19 page to check what services will be available.


Visit the easily accessible and peaceful campgrounds at Namekus Lake, and Sandy Lake (located off Highway 263), and the Narrows Campground (located at the end of the Narrows Road). Venture into the back-country where there are 15 designated backcountry campgrounds for more scenic and out-of-the-way camping adventures at Kingsmere Lake and Crean Lake.

Wildfire Risk Reduction operations are planned to thin and prune select areas in and around the Waskesiu townsite beginning in November.

Congratulations to The Hawood Inn winner of the Prince Albert and area B.O.B. Award for Best Hotel! 


Visitors and residents are advised that #1 plastic items and plastic grocery bags are accepted for recycling in Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park. Please place such items (clean and rinsed) in the designated bins located throughout the townsite. Residents are asked NOT to place any face masks or rubber/latex gloves in the recycling bins. These items are a health hazard for waste management workers and potentially contaminate large volumes of recyclable material. 

The East Boundary Fuel Break reduces the risk of wildfire to the north and east of Elk Ridge and McPhee Lake communities.


Parks Canada Waskesiu Vegetation Management Strategy 2019 PowerPoint presentation from the WSRA and WCC 2019 AGM.

For sale Twin Pine Cinemas and Pine and Fancy - One of a Kind Business Opportunity for Sale in Waskesiu.

Canadian Lakes Loon Survey. 

Volunteer and help monitor the loon population of Prince Albert National Park’s lakes.


Check out the Plains Bison in Prince Albert National Park!


Prince Albert National Park Infrastructure Update.


Yard Waste Directive


Urban Forest Renewal in Waskesiu

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