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2028 & Beyond Action Plan

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“Waskesiu Vision 2028” – Your Ideas Enhancing our Community


Back in 2013, the Community Council initiated an important strategic planning process for Waskesiu called "Vision 2020 & Beyond". Our goal was to develop a “shared vision” for our community – in an effort to articulate how Waskesiu should “look and feel” by the year 2020. As part of that visioning process, the Community Council sought input from, and encouraged increased communication among, all of the key stakeholder groups in Waskesiu.


That strategic planning process resulted in a “Community Action Plan” for Waskesiu – an updated copy of which appears below. Over the last 7 years, many groups have collaborated to help make the vision outlined in our Community Action Plan a reality.
By all accounts, the entire process has been a great success.


But, as they say, “time flies”, and now 2020 is here. As such, the Community Council has renewed the strategic planning process – now re-branded as “Waskesiu Vision 2028”. (The year 2028 has been chosen because August 10, 2028 will mark the 100th anniversary of the official opening of Prince Albert National Park by Prime Minister Mackenzie King.)

Two very successful “Waskesiu Vision 2028” planning meetings have already taken place between the Community Council and representatives of Parks Canada.  Council had planned to host a “Community Leaders Roundtable” session on May 16, 2020 in Waskesiu – but that event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, all key stakeholder groups have been asked to complete, and submit to Council, a “Waskesiu Vision 2028” work sheet by June 30th. Council will compile the information obtained and arrange for a meeting of key stakeholders – hopefully by this fall. By the summer of 2021, a community open house will be arranged to obtain input from the entire community, before completing the new community action plan for Waskesiu.


Community Council is pleased to again be working in conjunction with Parks Canada Agency, the WSRA, the Waskesiu Foundation, the Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce, the Waskesiu Recreation Association, the Waskesiu Heritage Museum, Friends of the Park, the Lobstick Golf Club, and other key stakeholder groups – as we collectively work to enhance the Waskesiu experience.


We urge you to learn more about this important initiative. Please provide your ideas to make Waskesiu an even better place for you, your family, and for the generations that follow. You can contact any member of Council for more details, and please continue to visit (and look for “Waskesiu Vision 2028”) for updates.

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