Welcome to Waskesiu

The Waskesiu Community Council welcomes you to Waskesiu, where you can experience lake living at its most serene.

Our website keeps you updated on events, activities and information for visitors and residents. Please look around, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

The snow is great! Pack up your skis and head north for the best skiing around! Don't forget to bring your fishing gear for an afternoon of ice fishing!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What's new in Waskesiu​

Parks Canada Agency - ​Improving Waskesiu’s lakefront - increasing visitor safety and enjoyment.

Prince Albert National Park Activities Update in Waskesiu.

Armstrong Hillcrest Cabins Employment Opportunity for 2019.

Kapasiwin Bungalows Job Opportunities for 2019.

PCA Important Notice - Area Closure in Waskesiu.

Work has started on the FireSmart Demonstration AreaIn the Waskesiu Townsite.

 PCA Media Release - Update on activities in Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park.

2018 was quite a year for the Waskesiu Foundation! All the details are in their 2018-2019 Newsletter.

Attention Waskesiu Cabin Owners – Read this important information regarding the spring restoration of water service to the cabins and the new fall water service shut down directive for 2019.

GUIDE TO WINTER FUN in Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park.

Waskesiu Community Submission to Parks Canada – click here to link to the October 2018 joint submission made to Parks Canada on behalf of the Waskesiu Community Council, the WSRA, and the Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce. The joint submission is in response to the Parks Canada consultation process now underway in relation to a proposed “National Permit Planning Process”.  

One of a Kind Business Opportunity for Sale in Waskesiu!

Canadian Lakes Loon Survey. 
Volunteer and help monitor the loon population of Prince Albert National Park’s lakes.

Check out the Plains Bison in Prince Albert National Park!

​​​​​​Planning a Wedding, Convention or Reunion at Waskesiu?  Start here by contacting the Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce.

Prince Albert National Park   Infrastructure Update.

Prince Albert National Park fire personnel have begun the East Boundary Fuel Break.

There's more on our Visitor News & Information page.​​​​

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• Waskesiu Has The Best Ski Trails in the Province! • Come enjoy your Waskesiu Experience • Prince Albert National Park is open year round • Watch here for special and urgent announcements or upcoming events •

Photo courtesy Javeria Ebner


Parks Canada Photo

End your days with a Waskesiu sunset!

​Prince Albert National Park

Visitor Centre
Phone 306-663-4522.

​​​​Planning a Wedding, Convention or Reunion at Waskesiu?

Start here by contacting the 
Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce.