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Things to do outdoors in Waskesiu
Summer time

Golfing doesn't get better than this
Imagine having two of Saskatchewan's top courses to choice from at will. Everyday.

That's what awaits you at the renown Waskesiu Golf Course and the new Elk Ridge Resort

located just outside the park main gateway. You will think you died and went to heaven.
So many beaches and so much time
With seven beaches that grace the shores of Waskesiu and many more located on Crean,

Kingsmere and other lakes in the Park, its hard to pick just one to spend a lazy afternoon.

The Park offers some of the nicest beaches anywhere in Saskatchewan, and we're sure

you will agree.

Camping oasis
With over 500 campsites in the Park, there's lots to choose from! Enjoy all the amenities in Red Deer Campground and Beaver Glen, located in Waskesiu. Visit the 
easily accessible and peaceful campgrounds at Namekus Lake, Sandy Lake, Trappers Lake (all located off Highway 263), and the Narrows Campground (located at the end of the Narrows Road). Venture into the backcountry for more scenic and out-of-the-way camping adventures at Kingsmere Lake and Crean Lake.

Water sports
Now that's taking in a lot. Where does one begin, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, boating, sailing tubing, water skiing, and wake boarding. Why there even old guys 
bare foot skiing on this body of water.

Magical hiking trails
Twenty one trails! Too much to choose from, but that's the great thing about coming to Waskesiu. Exploring the natural lay of the land and getting some much need 
exercise is what's it all about. 

Tennis everyone
Six courts next to the lawn bowling make this canter magical. Split apart into groups of two at different levels, you can choice to play down on the beach and high 
in the backwoods. Truly a favorite will all that play the game of tennis.

Disc golf
Good on the links? Try this new craze!

Lawn bowling
A hangout for the local deer as they come to watch. A beautiful pitch well manicured that can accommodate eight concurrent games. 

Can't get enough jogging 
Where there is a road, you have a your journey set before you. No doubt, the Marina run is a park "must" for those who feel the urge. 

Play ball
Did I say baseball or basketball? Both are available and allow for pickup games among friends. There is a full sized baseball diamond with the outfield as big as 
Taylor Field.

Biking big time
Enough said; the roads, the trails will lead you in all directions. Everyone here seems to own a bike.

Wanting a little one-on-one? Perhaps just to shoot some hoops or practice your shot? Located next to the tennis court.

Fastest way to get around town. Great exercise too! The streets can get busy so you need to plan this when traffic is minimal.

Three wheeling in Waskesiu
Love em or hate em is about the way it goes. They populate the townsite from morning til dusk with loads of fun on the run.

This is not an old folks game. Located in the park next to the Community Hall. Bring your own horseshoes and play until your heart is content.

Winter time

The following are some of the winter activities that you may choose to pursue during the winter at Prince Albert National

Park. Because weather and snow conditions vary from year to year, as well as the range of winter services provided in

the park and the Waskesiu townsite, you are advised to check with the Park Information Office at 306-663-4522

before your visit.

Park use fees apply year-round and, in winter, can be paid at the East Gate (using the automated pay machine),

at the South Gate (using the self-registration station) or at the park Information Centre (open seven days a week, or

by using the automated pay machine).

Cross country skiing
When the snow flies, Waskesiu's trails are turned into some of the best runs that can be found anywhere.

And one can not beat the scenery of magical Waskesiu covered in winter's white coat.

The ski trials are groomed by the Waskesiu Lake Ski Club. They track over 30 km of cross country ski trails in the

Prince Albert National Park. They offer both skate and classic trails. The Club aims to have trails cleared every weekend

throughout the ski season. All of the trails are groomed by volunteers from the Waskesiu Ski Club.

Create your own trail across the snow cover! Whether you venture out for a few hours, or choose to go for a backcountry

camping adventure, showshoeing provides a great way to exercise and experience the boreal forest winter. 

A familiar summer hiking trail will wear a different face in the winter. Since many of the popular trailheads are accessible even during this season, you may wish to 
explore the winter profile of a popular trail - like Boundary Bog - that you walked in the summer. 

Ice fishing
Winter angling is usually a game of patience. It affords an opportunity to scan the horizons for circling ravens - often the signpost of a wolf kill. Or perhaps you 
will catch sight of a wandering river otter "sliding" across the lake surface. A shadow on the distant shore may focus into a moose.

Winter camping is whole different "ball of snow". The experience has unique challenges, that go along with special rewards of spending a night - or nights - under a 
canopy of snow-covered spruce and star-spangled skies. Several campsites are designated for winter camping.


Courtesy Parks Canada